Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't Lawyer Yourself Into a Corner--Especially if you are the Lawyer.

It's About Me, Stupid!

It is never--and I mean never-- a good sign when your criminal defense lawyer is busy defending himself in the media and in front of the State Bar while your case is ongoing. This is the situation that Casey Anthony unfortunately finds herself in. In one of the most high profile cases of the year, her attorney has painted himself into a corner and is battling furiously for his own credibility. Compare that to the masterful job Thomas Arthur Mesereau, Jr., did with Michael Jackson, where Mr. Mesereau constantly avoided the spotlight until after the case was over.

Some simple advice: win the case and you'll get your desired recognition. Botch the case and, well, you still may become famous and rich. Accordingly, I guess the only downside is felt by the client. Protect the client at all times.

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