Thursday, February 12, 2009

Police Investigate Marijuana Smoked Months Ago!

From the Equal Justice Under the Law Files. . .

Michael Phelps and others (really just Phelps) are being "investigated" for MARIJUANA, smoked IN NOVEMBER. Geez, assemble a task force whydontya.

Look folks, corruption comes in many forms. This is one of them. When the police abuse taxpayer resources to go on a media fishing trip in Michael Phelps' Pond, something is very wrong. An investigation for marijuana use at a college campus!??!! Have these cops no shame?

The Richland County Sheriff's Department had this to say "As soon as we're ready to release information on this case we will and we're still in the middle of this investigation," said Lt. Chris Cowan. Really? You're in "the middle" of an investigation into marijuana smoking on a college campus? That must be the safest town in America because there sure doesn't seem like there is anything else to do but single out a celebrity and American hero all because he used marijuana.

How unAmerican.

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