Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Your Money, Taxpayers.

Phelps Won't be Charged in Marijuana Smoking "Investigation."

Let's review, shall we:

1. A taxpayer funded multiple-officer "investigation" ensued over the private use of marijuana on a college campus and grabbed media headlines but did nothing more. Cost--approx $10-15K
2. An American Hero is needlessly subjected to the scrutiny and stress of an unprecedented criminal "investigation."
3. A local Sheriff's Department that, heretofore was not regarded by anyone, is now regarded by everyone as vindictive and incompetent--take that Mike Nifong!
4. The Sheriff's Department calls a press conference to announce that charges will not be filed. Hey, one last opportunity to get on TV, right?
5. Did I mention that this idiocy was taxpayer funded?!?

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