Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Controversial" Law Appears to Work

Guy Shoots, Woman Dies

MIAMI, Florida -- The DA does not plan to file charges against a Florida orange grove owner who fatally shot a 21-year-old woman, properly stating that he is protected under the state's "no retreat" law. Police said Nikki McCormick accompanied Phillips as he attempted to steal the SUV from a barn in an orange grove near Wahneta, Florida, before daylight Tuesday.

Grove owner Ladon "Jamie" Jones opened fire as the SUV approached him, according to an affidavit released by the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Phillips fled; McCormick was shot in the head and later died.

Authorities said Jones is protected by Florida's "no retreat" law, which gives him the right to use lethal force if he reasonably believes his life is in danger. The Media has clamored to describe the law as "controversial" or "extreme," but in fact it is neither. The law codifies the history of self-defense and is, in fact, a correct interpretation of the common law. What it also does is act as one of the few laws that takes power, previously held to be only the privilege of the government and not of the people, and returns it to the citizen. While the hand-wringers in the media and "progressive" states fret over a law that is so basic in its moral application, I do not. Two people tried to steal Mr. Jones car. When, in Mr. Jones' car, they drove straight at Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones shot and killed one of them. What is "controversial" about that?

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