Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hall of Famer Sacked by DUI Cops

Legendary NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Smith arrested for his 3rd DUI.

Well, fire up the lawyers because Bruce Smith has been arrested for his 3rd DUI. Of note is the fact the he beat his first 2 DUI arrests. Smith may just beat this one as well because he refused to take a chemical test. While I dont know what the law is with respect to refusals in Virginia, the cops and the DA will have to prove that he drove under the influence without any actual evidence of what his Blood Alcohol Content was. Remember, as it is not illegal to drink and drive (provided you are under the limit), the smell of alcohol will not convict anyone.

My money is on Bruce to beat number 3 which, unofficially, will be a record. Dress Warm will follow the case and update accordingly. Cheers!

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