Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There You Have It.

SANTA ANA - A Tustin man was sentenced today to two years in state prison and lifetime sex offender registration for sexually assaulting a Tustin High School student while she was walking home. Jonathan Jimenez-Gonzalez, 19, Tustin, pleaded guilty May 10, 2010, to one felony count each of assault with intent to commit a sexual offense, attempted sexual penetration by foreign object by force, sexual battery, false imprisonment, and one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure.

On Sept. 30, 2009, Jimenez-Gonzalez followed 18-year-old Jane Doe as she walked home from Tustin High School. Jimenez-Gonzalez, who is not a student at the victim's high school, asked Jane Doe if he could walk her home. After Jane Doe refused, he continued to follow and talk to the victim and lured her into a laundry room of an apartment complex on Williams Street in Tustin. Jimenez-Gonzalez sexually assaulted Jane Doe by attempting to digitally penetrate her. The defendant exposed his penis to Jane Doe by pulling down his pants. Jimenez-Gonzalez then fled the scene after someone walked into the laundry room. The victim reported the incident soon thereafter to the Tustin Police Department.

Friday, May 21, 2010


NEWPORT BEACH - A Los Alamitos man pleaded guilty today to recklessly driving under the influence of alcohol into a correctional facility and assaulting a facility officer. Matthew Van McDaniel, 25, pleaded guilty to one felony count of aggravated assault on an officer, one felony count of an ex-convict entering grounds of a correctional facility, one misdemeanor count of reckless driving, one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of alcohol, one misdemeanor count of driving with a blood level of .08 percent or more, and a sentencing enhancement for great bodily injury was found true. McDaniel's 2003 prior strike conviction for assault with a deadly weapon was also admitted. He was sentenced to nine years in state prison.

At approximately 2:00 a.m. on Jan. 10, 2010, McDaniel was driving under the influence of alcohol. He rushed the gates of the James Musick Correctional Facility in Irvine and drove a Mercedes Benz S550 into the facility. He recklessly drove inside the property and crashed the car into a tree. Sergeant Fabris, a facility officer, tried to restrain the defendant, but McDaniel punched the officer in the face while trying to escape. McDaniel was restrained by facility officers and exhibited signs of intoxication including slurred speech and emitting an odor of alcohol from his breath. During the booking process, the defendant had a blood alcohol level of .14 percent.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Look, in every trial, jurors bend over backwards to believe an officer that they don't know and automatically assume has the integrity of Abraham. This guy was a cop too. DId you buy his bullshit?


SANTA ANA - A former police officer for the Anaheim Police Department (APD) was convicted today of victimizing three women while on duty in a marked police patrol car, including threatening to have two of them deported and forcing one to orally copulate him. Bradley Stewart Wagner, 62, Perris, pleaded guilty to one felony count each of forcible oral copulation and oral copulation under the color of authority for Jane Doe #1, one felony count of sexual battery by restraint for Jane Doe #2, and one felony count of false imprisonment by violence or deceit and one misdemeanor count of being an officer acting without regular process for Jane Doe #3. Wagner faces a sentence of four years in state prison at his sentencing on July 14, 2010, at 8:30 a.m. in Department C-55, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.

Jane Doe #1
Shortly after midnight on Nov. 11, 2005, Wagner turned on his overhead lights and pulled Jane Doe #1 over on Kramer Boulevard while on-duty in a marked patrol car. The victim, who is primarily a Spanish speaker, was driving home alone from work in her van and pulled over in a parking lot.

Wagner approached the victim's window and asked if she had any legal papers or a driver's license. Upon learning that Jane Doe #1 did not have any legal papers, the defendant told the victim that he could have her deported and instructed her to move her car across the street into another parking lot on East La Jolla Avenue. The defendant followed Jane Doe #1 across the street, had her get out of her vehicle, and fondled her breasts under the false pretense of searching her. He told the crying victim that he wanted sex from her in exchange for not having her deported.

Wagner again instructed Jane Doe #1 to move her van, this time leading her to a dark, secluded industrial area. He had Jane Doe #1 get out of her van, pulled up her shirt to expose her bra, and forced her to pull down her pants. The victim pleaded for the defendant to stop and told him she was married with children. The defendant exposed his erect penis and forced Jane Doe #1 to orally copulate him by repeatedly pushing her head down as she gagged and struggled to pull away. The defendant finally released the victim as she began to vomit. He then wrote a phone number on a lottery ticket, gave it to the victim, and left.

Jane Doe #1 reported the sexual assault the following day to APD. As a result of media coverage on this case, two additional victims came forward. None of the three victims know each other or the defendant.

Jane Doe #2
Between Oct. 31, 2005, and Nov. 5, 2005, Wagner pulled over Jane Doe #2, an unlicensed Spanish speaking woman, on two occasions while on-duty in a marked patrol car. The second time Jane Doe #2 was pulled over, Wagner had the victim follow him into a secluded alley behind a business. The defendant asked Jane Doe #2 for sex after telling her that she could be deported or be sent to jail, and rubbed her vagina over her clothes. Wagner asked the victim for sex, but let her go after she resisted and agreed to meet him the following night. The victim did not return to meet the defendant.

Jane Doe #3
Between Sept. 1, 2005, and Nov. 10, 2005, Wagner pulled over Jane Doe #3, an undocumented Spanish speaking woman, on four occasions while on-duty in a marked patrol car. The defendant asked the victim personal questions, including whether she was married or had children, and let her go each time without writing her a ticket.


*Defendant was linked through DNA to the sexual assault of Jane Doe #1

SANTA ANA - A second striker will be arraigned today on charges surrounding four residential burglaries and sexual assaults on two girls under the age of 14. Roberto Jacobo Reyes, 47, Santa Ana, is charged with one felony count of forcible lewd act on a child under 14, one felony count of lewd act upon child under 14, and two felony counts of first degree residential burglary with sentencing enhancements and allegations for committing lewd acts during the commission of residential burglaries and committing lewd acts on multiple victims. The defendant also faces enhancements for a prior strike conviction and prison prior from a 2003 residential burglary (Case #02CF3324). If convicted, he faces a sentence of 115 years and eight months to life in state prison. The People will be requesting that the defendant be held on $1 million bail at his arraignment scheduled for today, Thursday, May 20, 2010, in Department CJ-1, Central Jail, Santa Ana. The time is to be determined.

At approximately 9:00 p.m. on Feb. 19, 2010, Reyes is accused of entering the bedroom of 11-year-old Jane Doe #1 while she was asleep. He is accused of kissing Jane Doe #1's face and breasts. Reyes is also accused of fondling the victim's vagina and breasts over her clothes, waking Jane Doe #1. Reyes is accused of holding down the victim and covering her mouth so she was unable to scream. Jane Doe #1 kicked and ran out of her bedroom and called police. Reyes is accused of fleeing the scene. Santa Ana Police Department Crime Scene Investigators collected DNA evidence at the scene.

At approximately 1:00 a.m. on Jan. 24, 2010, Reyes is accused of breaking into 13-year-old Jane Doe #2's Santa Ana residence through her bedroom window. Reyes is accused of rubbing Jane Doe #2 down the side of her body while she was sleeping. He is accused of waking Jane Doe #2 causing her to scream. Reyes is accused of fleeing the scene. The victim called 911.

In the early morning of Oct. 25, 2009, Reyes is accused of entering the home of 19-year-old Jane Doe #3 in Santa Ana. While the victim was asleep, the defendant is accused of rubbing her thigh and waking Jane Doe #3. When the victim screamed, Reyes is accused of fleeing the scene. Jane Doe #3 called police.

In the early morning of July 12, 2009, Reyes is accused of breaking into 22-year-old Jane Doe #4's Santa Ana residence while she was sleeping. The defendant is accused of reaching through the window and touching the foot of the victim, waking Jane Doe #4. The victim screamed and the defendant is accused of fleeing the scene. Jane Doe #4 called 911 later that morning.

On May 7, 2010, the DNA collected at the crime scene involving Jane Doe #1 was linked to Reyes' DNA. The defendant had previously submitted a DNA sample as a result of the 2003 burglary conviction. The defendant was sentenced to four years in state prison for that case and deported back to Mexico upon completing his sentence. The defendant is accused of illegally returning to Orange County and committing these crimes. Reyes was linked to the crimes surrounding Jane Doe #2, Jane Doe #3, and Jane Doe #4 through additional evidence collected during the investigation. Reyes is married with children.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Real Estate---OC Style

*Co-defendant boyfriend and brother have warrants for their arrest

WESTMINSTER - A real estate broker was convicted today of conspiring with her boyfriend and his brother to commit $17.5 million in real estate fraud by purchasing 35 properties using stolen identities and intentionally defaulting on loans in order to steal the loan money.  Kathy Chen, 49, Westminster, was found guilty by a jury of 136 felony counts including one count of conspiracy, 47 counts of grand theft, one count of attempted grand theft, 37 counts of forgery, 27 counts of recording false documents, 15 counts of identity theft, one count of elder financial exploitation, four counts of forging an official seal, and three counts of filing false tax returns. The sentencing enhancements for causing loss in excess of $2.5 million and $100,000 were found true. Chen faces a sentence up to 111 years in state prison at her sentencing July 9, 2010, in Department W-9, West Justice Center, Westminster.

Friday, May 14, 2010

You Had Me at "Gymnastics Coach"

May 14, 2010

Case # 09NF2655

*Defendant was serving in U.S. Army at the time of his arrest and was extradited to Orange County from Arizona

FULLERTON - A former gymnastics coach was sentenced today to one year in jail and three years of formal probation for having an unlawful sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. Jason Wayne Scofield, 37, formerly of Fullerton, pleaded guilty to the court Feb. 23, 2010, to two felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, two felony counts of oral copulation of a minor, one felony count of sodomy of a person under 18, two felony counts of digital penetration of a minor, and one felony count of sexual penetration by foreign object. The maximum possible sentence for these charges is seven years and eight months in state prison. The People objected today to the court offer, advocating that the defendant should also be required to register as a sex offender.

Scofield met 16-year-old Jane Doe while working as a gymnastics coach at Wildfire Gymnastics in Tustin. Between Feb. 17, 2009, and June 30, 2009, Scofield had an unlawful sexual relationship with the victim on numerous occasions in his car and at his Fullerton home.

Sometime after June 2009, Scofield joined the U.S. Army and was sent to Arizona for his military duty. While serving in Arizona, Jane Doe's parents learned of the unlawful sexual relationship between their daughter and Scofield after receiving an e-mail from a concerned friend. Charges were filed and a warrant was issued for Scofield on Sept. 18, 2009.

A few days after the issuance of the warrant, Scofield was arrested in Arizona. The defendant was living in Ft. Huachuca, AZ, at the time of his arrest. He was brought back to Orange County, Oct. 21, 2009, to face charges.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


SANTA ANA - A driver was sentenced today to six years in state prison for hitting and killing a man with a truck after a birthday party at a mobile home park. Felix Anthony Abreu, 22, Anaheim, pleaded guilty to the court to one felony count of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and one felony count of hit and run with injury.

At approximately 4:30 a.m. on Feb. 17, 2008, Abreu left a birthday party in the Quiet Village Mobile Home Park in Santa Ana, where 25-year-old Arthur Carmona had also been in attendance. Abreu got into the driver's seat of a gray 2002 Chevy Silverado pick-up truck, which was registered to a friend, and was recklessly driving at an unsafe speed in the mobile home park.

The defendant turned at a blind corner at an unsafe speed as Carmona, who was outside of the party, and several others attempted to run out of the way to avoid being struck by the defendant. Abreu almost collided with a parked car before hitting the victim. Abreu then reversed and crashed into a brick wall before accelerating and fleeing the scene.

Carmona was transported to Garden Grove Hospital Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead due to multiple blunt force trauma injuries including a laceration to the heart.

The Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) contacted Abreu the following day. After additional investigation by SAPD, Abreu was arrested Oct. 2, 2008, and was charged by the Orange County District Attorney's Office on Oct. 3, 2008.